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Mavericks vs. Kings final score: Dirk-less Mavs scoot past Sacramento

Not too hard.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There was no second night let down on the West Coast. Dallas came out and -- missing Dirk Nowitzki for rest and still missing Rondo with his facial fractures -- turned a Thursday back-to-back against Sacramento into another day at work.

Tyson Chandler was the best Maverick on the floor on both ends, with 16 points, 16 rebounds and a crazy +26. Honestly, he's been the best player in Dallas this season. If you'd prefer to make an argument for Monta Ellis, that's fine and I understand it, but in my own opinion it's clearly the man in the middle. We'd probably be making a lot bigger deal about how big he's been this year if it wasn't for 2011, but honestly, what Chandler's doing this year just feels normal. It feels right. It feels like he never left (but alas, he did, and those were dark years with Chris Kaman and Samuel Dalembert at center).

Ellis was also fantastic and put Sacramento away for good in the third quarter with a scoring burst. J.J. Barea also played much better. It's amazing how much better a player looks when he's not defending Stephen Curry every trip down the floor.

Short recap. I'm going to bed. That was a satisfying win, and every win the Mavericks can earn while Dirk rests is crucial come late April. Way to go, Dallas.