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Quoteboard for Nets 104, Mavericks 94: "The third quarter did us in."

The players talked about a disappointing home loss on Saturday.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On that disaster third quarter: "Well they played great and we didn't play well. We got bombed quarter and that was the game. The rest of it was either even or we were up a point or two. The third quarter did us in."

"Something specific? They outscored us a lot. They scored early and they got energy and juice on the offensive end. We didn't respond well. They kept scoring and we were having a hard time getting it into the bucket. It was a struggle. We had a couple of chances to make runs, I thought guys were trying, but we played poorly in the second half."

On whether there was a lack of effort in the second half: "I've got to look at the film. Certain guys play with a lot of energy, and that will reflect in how you evaluate the game. We've got to play better as a team. Tyson's one of our big energy guys, so when he's not out there, we're losing a big source. And look, we've had guys miss games all year, we've had people step up. Tonight, everybody from top to bottom just struggle to really step up to the level we needed to step it up to."

On Rondo's play: "I thought he tried, I thought he tried really hard. He had some unlucky plays, a couple layups were right there and didn't go down. As a team, we struggled. The games are going to continue to be hard. I don't care what anybody's record is, whether they're coming in here or we're going in there. This team tonight is a damn good basketball team. They've got a lot of really good players. They got juiced up for tonight after being disappointed last night and kind of blowing the game at the end. Give them a lot of credit; we just didn't do well enough."

On pick and roll defense: "Yeah, I am concerned with pick and roll defense. And it was probably more of a problem in the first half, but we were scoring enough that it was mitigated, and the second half our rotations were a little late, Joe Johnson hit some 3s, Williams hit some 3s. I've got to really look at the film to tell you exactly what happened, but the bottom line is we needed to play a lot better."

On Monta's struggles: "Nobody's going to shoot the ball great every night, so, you know, everybody's got to keep playing. Got to be process orientated with your shot selection and got to keep working defensively. Hey, it's a disappointing result, just got to keep working."

On Devin's success: "Yeah, he was one of our big plus guys and he played with a lot of energy. He was one of the bright spots. There's some guys who really tried hard who didn't play particularly well and that's going to happen. We're all disappointed, we all own it, so we've got to move on and get ready for Monday."

Monta Ellis

On the third quarter: "It was just one of those nights. Ball just wouldn't go in the hole. Missed a lot of easy layups. It be like that sometimes."

On the three guard lineups: "You know, it was a great game plan, they were just a better team tonight. They made a lot of great shots and made a lot of big shots down the stretch. We couldn't get the ball in the hole when we needed to and they won."

On what exactly happened in the third: "We came out and like I said, our shots weren't falling against a great basketball team."

Devin Harris

On the loss: "Any home loss is a bad loss especially with the [playoff] race we're in but we get another one Monday and we've just got to play with more energy and more together."

On missing Tyson: "It's difficult. It's not something we can't overcome. We've done it in the past. I thought defensively we were active tonight, obviously it's tough when we don't guy that guy who can set the tone defensively but I thought we moved around well. They just made some tough shots."

Dirk Nowitzki

On the third quarter collapse: "Yeah, I mean, they're a very skilled team and they had us on our heels. They attacked with Jack and Joe, and D-Will had himself a ball game. We never really got any traction there, we had a bad third quarter energy wise, we gave up 35 points, which is obviously way too many. We kept battling after that, we just never really got back over the hump. The closest we got was 6 or 5. Couldn't really make another play to make it a ballgame. That's definitely a disappointing loss."

On putting Rondo on the block: "Yeah, we put some new stuff in and we're going to get used to that. Just be efficient with it. Just play around with some stuff and find ways to be a good offensive team, but like I said, we had a decent first half. We take the lead into the half, the third quarter was just horrific on both ends of the floor."

On the difficulty of Rick juggling everybody: "It's tough. I used a J-Kidd example already, when he came in a couple years ago mid-season it was tough for him to adjust mid-season, and years later he was a key piece for us winning it all. Mid-season it's hard for us sometimes but we've got to keep plugging. First and foremost we've got to get healthy. Everybody knows how important Tyson is for us on both ends of the floor for us, his rolling, his defense, his rim protecting. Parsons been out for a minute, so hopefully his ankle will get better here. Hopefully we'll see him on the court getting some shots here soon."

On the challenge of New Orleans on Monday: "Yeah they're a hot team. They're two weapons down but they've been playing good ball, I think Tyreke Evans is having one of his best seasons of his year, playing really well, [Eric] Gordon is playing really well. They can still win, grind it out. Very dangerous team especially at the point we're at, lost two in a row. We've got to win that game before we go out for a tough road trip."

On the West being so tough: "Yeah, I mean, you can go both ways really quick. You're only one or two games out of third, and you're only a couple games up on the seven and eight [seeds]. That's how it's been the past couple of years in the Western Conference and that's why home losses are costly in this league."