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Mavericks Final Score: Dallas Dominates Clippers, 129-99

Dallas gets a much needed win against an important Western Conference foe

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off their worst home loss in 18 years, the Dallas Mavericks responded with fury, crushing the Clippers 129-99. Chandler Parsons led the way in a balanced effort with 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. DeAndre Jordan stuffed the stat box for LA with 16 points and 18 rebounds.

The Mavericks came out looking grumpy, but past some outside jumpers from Chandler Parsons, Dallas struggled early. Los Angeles wasn't much better to start the game, with this ridiculous shot from DeAndre Jordan proving to be a highlight:

The Mavericks really didn't come alive until the bench unit entered, led first by Charlie Villanueva hitting a big three and followed up by Amar'e bringing energy off the bench with a big offensive board. Dallas hung around, despite a series of annoying turnovers, including a pair from Devin Harris that had me screaming at the TV. Dallas trailed 24-21 after a quarter.

The second period was perhaps the best the Mavericks have played since the All-Star break, putting up 38 points while looking supremely confident. With Clippers stars Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan on the bench, the Mavericks took advantage of a truly horrid Clipper line up which featured Nate Robinson, Austin Rivers, Hedo Turkoglu, and Glen Davis. Dirk finally got on the board with a classic fade and a back down possession ending up with a sweet lefty hook. Tyson Chandler was a rim running monster, embarrassing Turkoglu to the point that the former Kings/Magic great nearly started a fight with the Dallas big man. Rajon Rondo also flashed some offensive and defensive brilliance, locking down Chris Paul on one possession and causing a turnover resulting in a Parsons three. The Mavs committed only two turnovers in the period and took a 58-51 lead into the half.

Dallas started the third still firing on all cylinders, yet the Clippers would not go away. After hitting only three shots from beyond the arc in the first half, the Clippers nailed five in the quarter, including three from the evil Matt Barnes. The score remained within 6-8 points for most of the period, despite some truly amazing plays from Dallas (including a Dirk Nowitzki three!). A late three pointer from Devin Harris, a pair of giant-killer runners from J.J. Barea over DeAndre, and a pair of free throws from Dirk gave Dallas a strong 9-4 close out to end the quarter up 91-78. Glenn Davis nearly killed Dirk on a bad foul after an end of quarter turnover. Those free throws would propel Dallas into a fourth quarter onslaught.

Things got out of hand quickly in the fourth. My notes have a LOT of exclamation points. Dirk got a fast break dunk. Richard Jefferson hit a corner three.  Devin Harris hit a three. Dirk hit another three. Within two and a half minutes a 13 point lead became a 21 point lead. Then 24. Then Chris Paul, that little troll, committed a flagrant one-type foul on J.J. Barea as he drove on a fast break. The Mavericks cleared the bench at this point, but the lead kept growing, reaching 30 at one point.


  • I'm not going to lie. I've missed the last four Mavericks games. I needed a break and the team was looking terrible. But that's the best I've seen the Mavericks play since before the All Star break and it isn't even close. A true team game.
  • Chandler Parsons doesn't get much of a mention in my recap which seems stupid, now that I'm down here. He was the early engine, keeping things cooking with some ridiculous outside shooting. His playmaking continues to be underrated with my favorite example coming late in the third when he drove left and sucked in so much of the defense he was able to throw it behind him to the left corner where Devin Harris nailed a big time three. Oh he also led the team in scoring, with 22 points while grabbing 5 rebounds and dishing out four helpers.
  • Rajon freaking Rondo. One of my favorite games of his this season.  He had an awesome Rondo-ian stat line with 4 points, 7 assists, 3 boards, and 4 steals. He also pissed off Chris Paul on this ridiculous defensive play:
  • Dirk passed the 50,000 minutes mark.
  • The gang rebounding was impressive. DeAndre might have had 18 rebounds, but no other Clipper had more than 4.
  • Dirk had 14 points but his buckets, including those two threes and the aforementioned dunk, felt like back breaking shots. I'd still like to see the Mavs try to get Dirk a few shots earlier in the game.
  • Charlie V shooting the ball is one of the most exciting things to happen this season. That's not sarcasm either. When he rises to fire, I hold my breath. I wish we didn't need him as much as we do, but man, when he's cooking, he's Top Chef in my book. 19 points and 5 rebounds is nice.
  • FOR THE SHIRE. Nice game for J.J. I'll admit the Moneyball email chain has not been kind to him lately.
  • I'm not going to read into the win other than to say hitting shots cures a lot of the crap that this team has suffered through. It was nice to get a win against an obnoxious team like the Clippers.

Go Mavs. Enjoy your weekend everyone.