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Knicks to sign Ricky Ledo to a 10-day contract

Break my heart, why don't you.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Ricky Ledo Era is now really officially over in Dallas.

Per Mike Fisher, the New York Knicks have signed former Mavericks guard Ricky Ledo to a 10-day contract:

Ledo was released a month ago to make room for (ironically) Amar'e Stoudemire, who was waived by the Knicks. He had been playing with the Texas Legends since then.

Ricky Ledo was my "irrational favorite player" in Dallas, and I always irrationally looked forward to him getting playing time. In his second year in the league, Ledo showed occasional flashes, but having sat for his one year at Providence, the Mavs felt he needed more work in the D-League before being NBA-ready.

Personally, I hope he gets a chance to shine with the Knicks. (Just not too much, okay?) And hey, he'll be reunited with his draft-day buddy, Shane Larkin, which is nice for him.

May #LedoPassAlert live forever in our memories.