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Quoteboard for Grizzlies 112, Mavericks 101: "I really don't have a lot of positive things to say"

The Maverick players did not talk long after a disappointing effort against the Grizzlies.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

"We were poor in all areas. Whatever you ask me about, I really don't have a lot of positive things to say. It's a situation were we all own it. It's just really a very bad performance and I'm afraid it's going to look even worse on film. I don't know that. But I think that."

On the first quarter: "They went on a 4-0 run at the end of the last game here in about six or eight seconds. I didn't think that could be topped, but I think they might have topped it at the end of the first tonight. I think they hit three 3s in less than a minute. We went from being two or three down to being seven down, and that's a horrible way to start that part of the game off and finish the first quarter. Credit them for great execution and we just did a really poor job there."

On the wide open Jeff Green 3-pointer late in the fourth: "I think what happen was Parsons was trying to help out on a play that he saw coming, but then he just didn't recover back out. It's just a mistake, and it happens, but it's a bad mistake and the timing is really bad. But it was a microcosmic of many bad things that happened, so we got to have a practice tomorrow. We had a day off yesterday which was a mistake, obviously. Tomorrow, we got to get some work in and prepare for a very physical Phoenix team that's another desperate team."

On attention to detail on defense: "Well, it's critical, and we know we're the kind of team that needs to do it collectively on defense. Memphis is a team with guys like Gasol and Randolph and Conley, they can make you pay a heavy price for small mistakes. They guys made some great plays, but we contributed. It's ugly. There's no two ways about it. We got to take responsibility for it, move on to the next one, and with a dozen left, they're going to go by quickly. It's an opportunity lost, unfortunately."

Chandler Parsons

On laying an egg: "It doesn't get much uglier than that. They dominated from start to finish. We made a lot of mistakes and we missed a lot of open shots. Myself, I missed a lot of chippies, free throws. Defensively, they gave us problems all night long and we couldn't really handle Z-Bo. Even on the double team they'd kick it out, guys would make shots. We played too slow, we played their game tonight. We didn't play our style. It just wasn't pretty. We need to play much harder, we need to play our style, we need to impose our will, if we see these guys again."

On the third quarter: "Z-Bo -- he's a load down there. We went straight up and he hit some tough jump shots in the first half so we went to blitzing him and double teaming him. He has good players around him -- Vince hit some tough shots, Courtney Lee, Tony Allen was cutting."

On homestand: "It would have been better 4-1. Having a loss to end it kind of makes it less fun and we obviously don't feel happy right now, but we have to move forward."

Dirk Nowitzki

On the defense: "I don't know, we really didn't take a lot away from them. They got some 3s, they got some transition, they got to the basket some. It looked like we were lost a little bit here and there. That's tough. I thought actually, first half, we hung in there on defense. 40-something points was decent. We couldn't score in the first half. Then second half, we opened up the game a little more, put a little more pace into the game to speed the game up and get back into it, but every time we made a little push we gave up an easy one."

On why they still look lost on defense so late into the season: "I don't know, I guess we just got to communicate more, executed the game plan. As a veteran team, we do switch coverages during the game some, and we all got to be on the same page, talk it out and really execute the gameplan, whatever we say in the timeout."

Amar'e Stoudemire

On the ejection: "You guys got a chance to see the play. You can see everything that happened. Today's technology, you can see it all."

On whether it was too quick: "It was too quick for two technical fouls. I've never received two techs that quick in  my career. To be a 13 year vet, I figured I would have a little more respect, just two technical fouls without saying a curse word to the official. But, it is what it is."

You didn't get a curse word in? "Not til after the second tech. [laughs] Yeah, I had to get my money's worth at that point."

On the defense: "It's alright, Memphis played well. We didn't really stick to our gameplan. Memphis did a great job defensively. We'll practice tomorrow and get ready for Phoenix."

On shifting momentum during the game: "They played stellar basketball. We didn't. We still feel comfortable with our position, we still feel like we can compete with the top teams in this league. Tonight wasn't a great night, but we'll get the chance to prove it, get back to work tomorrow and go from there."

On the homestand: "We had a couple great games. We competed in two very important games against LA and also OKC. Orlando was a little slippish (?) but we still won the game. Tonight, we didn't quite play as well as we wanted to, but I think we still feel confident about who we are and what we can do. Tomorrow will be an important day at practice and we'll get ready for Phoenix."