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7 inspirational GIFs to motivate the Mavericks

Because GIFs are the sum of all wisdom.

Following an extremely disappointing loss to the Suns, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle called out the team for not playing hard all the time. We’re getting closer and closer to the playoffs, and it seems that the Mavs have lost some of their fire. 

After last night's defeat I decided to seek solace in one of my favorite shows -- Scandal. I don’t know if anyone else here is a fan of Scandal, but the show’s main character Olivia Pope is known for her pep talks. And dang if the Dallas Mavericks don't need one. So I considered taking a cue from Olivia and writing a little speech here, but then I realized that I have a far more inspirational medium at my disposal ... GIFs.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a GIF worth? A million?

With that in mind, I bring you seven inspirational GIFs to help motivate the Mavs out of this slump.

Mavs, repeat this mantra to yourself before and during every game (brought to you by none other than Olivia Pope):

I know it’s tough, but you’ll never know if you can keep a lead after the 3rd quarter unless you try!

Listen to this baby sloth and follow your dreams right to the championship, fellas!

This guy rode a bike right out of the water, so you can definitely make your free throws!

Believe in yourselves as much as Bob Ross believes in you!

Be as proud of your game as this bear is of his ability to sit in a chair like a human!

Even when you’re feeling like the runaway golf cart, focus on being the guy that catches it instead! (ok I just really love this GIF and I had to include it)

Please share your favorite motivational GIFs in the comments because you can never be too inspired and together we can achieve anything!