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Quoteboard for Mavericks 101, Spurs 94: "Too much Monta, wouldn't you say?"

Dallas earns a big win.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On the first half recovery: "The whole thing started in the first half when Felton went into the game. They started picking up full court and applying pressure, and it's sort of a chain reaction. We just picked up our energy and we carried it forward. That's what you have to do. San Antonio plays with consistent high energy, the ball moves with a lot of energy, they play through the clock. We did a really good job playing through the entire clock tonight and that was a key to the game."

On Monta's game: "He stayed aggressive. I liked his game a lot. I thought his defense was good. The fact that we got into transition got him some easy buckets early and got him rolling."

On Dirk's impact despite 6-16 shooting: "He's been a massive factor around here for close to 20 years. The great thing about him is it's not all about the scoring or all about the shooting. He has a presence. He's a winner to the highest extreme. He finds way to help our team win games. And 10,000 rebounds? That's a lot."

On team's disposition: "It wasn't good at the beginning. We got off to a quick start, got a little bit of a lead, then they hit us with a bit of a mini barrage and we got into a hole. Everyone kept playing, everyone kept digging in, everyone kept believing in each other, believing in what we were doing, encouraging each other, and we got through it. It's a really important win for us."

On 'the team's soul at the moment:' "Too much Monta tonight, don't you think? I love the way he played. I love the way the whole team played. At the end, there was a great play where he went up and he could have taken the shot, but it was contested and he got it to Parsons and Parsons made a basketball play and got fouled. Parsons made the two free throws."

On whether it was a gut check game: "No question. With the schedule the way it is right now, having to go there next, and Indiana's getting their guys back, there's a good chance we see Paul George back that night -- I just have a feeling that's going to happen -- it's just, every team for the next week and a half is just really good and playing for something important. We have to go day to day, hour to hour, whistle to whistle, and keep doing it together."

On Rondo not playing down the stretch: "I thought all the guys were playing well down the stretch, so yeah. Whatever."

Chandler Parsons

On Monta: "He was big time. That's the Monta we know and it just shows you his confidence just to stick with it himself and our confidence to just keep giving him the ball. He's always been a great scorer and it's impressive to put 38 up on Kawhi Leonard. He's a very good defender. He got going early, we just kept getting the ball to him in good spots and he made plays."

On the comeback: "We started playing harder. Early on, they were getting every loose ball. They were getting all the 50/50 balls and rebounds. We knew they going to play late into the shot clock. They always go under eight seconds and make you guard for 24. We just weren't doing that early, and then we started playing hard. We started imposing our will, our style. We made them play in transition and that's when the game was won."

On why the team can't be more consistent: "We want to be more consistent; that's the key. The biggest thing is we want to play like we did in the second half for the next 10 games. Obviously we're going to have ups and downs but we have to learn from tonight, learn how to play for 48 minutes. Some guys are going to have off nights, some guys are going to have big nights, you just have to continue to play, stay confident, and stick with each other. It's never a question of talent with us. It's just competing and playing hard."

On playing the Spurs again immediately: "Obviously [we] watch film, what they ran tonight is similar to what they're going to run Friday night. Their personnel is obviously not going to change. It's an advantage for both teams; they're going to know what we're going to do and we're going to do what they're going to do. We just got to go out there and execute tonight."

Tyson Chandler

On the comeback: "They came out with great momentum tonight, all over the place. We were able to come in and coach made some adjusments, picked the tempo up, and it changed the game for us."

On Monta's 38 points: "Him just getting out in transition. He's excellent, one of the best in the game at getting out and being able to finish in traffic. When he's doing that, it gets people on the offensive glass, it gets them in foul trouble, it opens up our shooters.

On how much this win was needed: "We just needed an effort like this. A good team win, Monta had great stats but I thought it was really the effort up and down the floor, great team defense. Setting up guys, that's why the reason he was able to get off tonight. People were running the wings, setting good picks and he did what he does best, finishing."

On responding to Rick's message: "I'm just glad we responded, regardless. Every win right now is crucial for us. Definitely a big win."

On playing like this consistently: "We have to. To me, it's really just the effort. ... If we do that, we're good."

On what a win like this means: "It shows us what we have to do to win. I think we have to play this type of basketball for us to win. It's the makeup of our team, it's the way we're built. We got small, athletic, quick guys who play well in transition. We should be all over the basketball denying wings. We get stops and even when they make it we've got to get out and run. We're not a halfcourt team, so we have to learn how to do that in the course of a game."

Dirk Nowitzki

On having a baby boy: "Yeah, after the Phoenix game we got home late. That was a short night, going to the hospital in the morning and then yesterday I caught a few hours. Obviously a blessing, a healthy kid, momma's healthy. It's a special time for me and my family."

"His name's Max. He was born yesterday morning. Spent some time in the hospital and yeah, everything's good."

On passing 10,000 rebounds: "Yeah, it's pretty unbelievable. I came in when I was 20, probably [was] the worst 7-foot rebounder in the league at the time. Still wouldn't say I'm a great rebounder but I learned how to use my length some. Some years where I almost averaged 10 boards, I think the closest was 9.9. I'm a little disappointed I never averaged 10 a game. But I got to be a decent rebounder and I was almost prouder of that than all the points I scored."

On Monta: "He had a great rhythm from the start. They started off going under on the pick and rolls like they always do and he made his first two or three pull ups. He had em going because then they started going over, he had them on the drives, he blew by the bigs a couple of times and we all know how great he is in the paint when they go under. He played a fantastic offensive game for us tonight."

On Steve Nash: "He was one of the greatest guards to ever play. He was an unbelievable competitor, as mentally tough as I've seen in this league. Wanted big shots, wanted every part of big games, played through injuries, just as tough as it gets and a little friend."

On Nash leaving: "I was pretty disappointed obviously. I originally thought me and Fin and Steve were going to have a long run here together. Just Phoenix swooped in, gave them a heck of a deal, we didn't think it was worth it, and he was gone. I was disappointed at the time but looking back at both of our careers maybe it was better that way. We both flourished away from each other. But always will enjoy our look back with a smile on my face on our times together."