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5 years ago, Roddy Beaubois scored 40 points

Let's take a look back to the genesis of the Free Roddy B movement.

On this day five years ago, an unknown rookie from Guadalupe burst onto the scene with a shooting display rarely seen from a Maverick guard. Roddy Beaubois morphed into a cult hero with his 40-point performance against the Golden State Warriors. His 9-11 three-point shooting would even make Steph Curry blush.

The Roddy love affair began on this March night in Oakland. He was to be the next great Dirk sidekick and eventually inherit the throne. Unfortunately, we all know how his promising career ended up, but nonetheless, this period of hope during Maverick fandom was a fun one. It's incredible to think that Roddy Beaubois and Steph Curry was a debate in 2010.

When you think about the incredible shitstorm that will surround the backcourt this summer, it's hard to conclude that the Mavs have fully recovered from the Roddy fallout. Had he never broken his foot, Roddy would be just entering his prime right now and the Mavs would have the starting point guard they have long been looking for.

It's oddly fitting that the Kevin Durant news coincided with the anniversary of this memorable game. Durant is suffering from type of fracture that completely derailed Roddy's career. Hopefully OKC can learn from Roddy's case so Durant doesn't suffer the same fate.

He may be gone (he's actually playing in some Belgium league), but Roddy Beaubois will forever remain in Maverick folklore.