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NBA Standings: Could the Mavericks play the Spurs in the first round?

It was nearly impossible a week ago but we think there's a small chance it could happen now.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets were down three with about 14 seconds to go, and the best shot they could find was a contested, fallaway Trevor Arizona three-pointer. And then they got the offensive rebound and clanked it again. Both times with a wide open James Harden at the top of the key. It was rather hilarious.

But because I think Houston is Dallas' only realistic (albeit small with the way they're playing) chance of winning a playoff series, I was actually rooting for the Rockets. Since the Grizzlies got back on track with a win against Sacramento, that means the they're back squarely in the No. 2 seed and currently would be Dallas' opponent.

One thing we haven't considered: could San Antonio climb from three games back to take the No. 2 seed? It's highly unlikely, but if the Spurs are back to being the Spurs, and considering they play a home-and-home series with Houston in which they could quickly make up two games, there's a small, outside chance of it happening.

But yeah, no, probably not. It's Memphis or Houston and we'll watch them all the way until the end.

Current playoff opponent: Memphis Grizzlies

Games back of San Antonio: 2.5 games

Games ahead of Oklahoma City: 3 games

One upcoming conference game to watch: It's actually Mavericks-Thunder on Wednesday

And for fun, where the Mavericks would be in the East: Tied for the No. 3 seed

Here's a look at the complete standings: