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Mavericks vs. Warriors final score: Depleted Dallas predictably implodes, lose 104-89

Dallas, we have a problem. Time to sound the bad basketball siren.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how to possibly beat the Warriors in three easy steps. 1) You don't shoot 34.4 percent through three quarters. 2) You aren't on the second night of a back-to-back in Golden State. 3) You aren't missing Chandler Parsons and Devin Harris.

The Dallas Mavericks broke all three of those, so the 104-89 final score is hardly surprising. But it's also not, in any form, encouraging. The last loss to Golden State was, where the Mavericks built a huge lead without Rondo (he had just broke his face), withstanding a Stephen Curry supernova for damn near four quarters before finally relenting to his 51-point inferno. But even with all the factors playing against the Mavericks on Friday, it still felt miserable -- probably because it was more of the same from the past couple of weeks when the Mavericks haven't had those same excuses working for them.

Dirk shot terribly. Monta shot even worse. Over their last 10 games, Dirk is averaging 13.3 points on 42.9 percent shooting and 22.6 percent 3-point shooting while Ellis is putting up 13.2 points on 37 percent shooting and 17.9 percent 3-point shooting. That's a miserable, disheartening stretch of games for your two best offensive players.

A lot of the blame has fallen on Rajon Rondo, and deservedly so, because he's also been bad. The Mavericks are being outscored by an average of 8.8 points per game in their last 10 when Rondo's on the court, which is quite terrible. But while he might be the headliner, he isn't the catalyst for this avalanche of poor play. One player is literally not capable of tearing a team apart like this merely by his appearance on the floor. The entire team is failing to play even average basketball, and while injuries certainly haven't helped their cause, it's reaching pitiful levels now.

There's not much more you need to know about this game. Dallas messed around with having a lead early and then the Warriors stopped playing with their food. It's not surprising the NBA's best team destroyed them, but it succeeded in hammering home just how dire a situation the Mavericks find themselves in with 18 games remaining in the schedule and no earthly clue at how to resemble an NBA team once more.