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Dallas Mavericks top 5 stories of the week

The five biggest stories to come from the Dallas Mavericks this week revolve around Dirk and his Dirks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

  1. In a blowout loss to the Warriors, Dirk Nowitzki was hit in the nuts by Shaun Livingstonleading Mark Cuban to have a heated conversation with Livingston and Warriors coaches after the game.
  2. But although initially mad, Dirk took the low blow in stride, saying Livingston told him he was "pretty impressive" for a white guy.
  3. One of our writers, Austin Ngaruiya, attended the game as a member of the media for the first time and wrote this about his experience.
  4. Will the nutshot matter? Jason Gallagher is confident that this is the moment that the Mavericks season will turn around.
  5. Maybe he's onto something. The Mavericks are, after all, 1-0 since Livingston got to know Dirk.