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Monta Ellis doesn't celebrate overtime win with Mavericks after starters pulled

Ellis sat several feet from the bench and did not celebrate with his teammates after Raymond Felton's game winning shot.

The Mavericks beat Denver 144-143 during double overtime in what was by far the most ridiculous game of the year. Since Dallas is locked into the No. 7 seed and already planned to rest players during a three-game roadtrip this weekend, Rick Carlisle removed his starters and went with an all-bench unit for the second overtime.

When Raymond Felton hit the game-winning layup and followed it up with a game-saving block, Monta Ellis didn't participate in a team celebration, staying on the ground on the baseline a couple feet away from the bench where he had been the entire period.

This is a story because of Ellis' season-long moodiness that has reportedly put him at odds with some players in the locker room. It recently came to a breaking point when Ellis refused to rest a nagging hip injury and went through a nearly two-month long slump, something that frustrated the Mavericks, according to ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon.

Ellis prides himself in playing in every game he's able to. Here's how he looked as the game ended on Felton's block.

As far as I can tell, he's the only Maverick not participating as they huddle up for the final defensive stand, moments after Felton's layup that proved to be the game winner.

Body language isn't the most exact form of communication, so I'm not going to speculate on what exactly this says. Ellis missed a potential game winner to end regulation, so perhaps he was still frustrated about that. It's up to you individually to decide exactly what you think it means, or even nothing at all.

However, given the reports that have been coming out, you'd have to think this means something. Ellis is expected to opt out of his contract this summer, leaving us to wonder if he has a future with the Mavericks.