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Mavericks vs. Jazz preview: Is there anything even left to play for?


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Not really.

Then why should I watch this game?

Nobody's making you.

Are you going to watch?

Yeah. But I'm a dumb college kid prone to making poor decisions. I'm not exactly a role model.

Are there any good reasons to watch?

  • Raymond Felton, crunch time demigod
  • Chandler Parsons suit of the day
  • Raymond Fel-- wait, I already mentioned that. Guess it's just those two.

This got dark quick. Anything I should know about the Jazz?

They're good. As was the famous breaking point of a recent Twitter spat for the ages, are you allowed to call a team good if they were really bad for a period of time? I'm pretty sure you are. The Jazz were bad to start the season. They're good now and got damn near close to finishing .500 for the year. Their net rating improved every single month of the season.

It's mostly defense. After shipping Enes Kanter away, it freed up room for Rudy Gobert to turn into a future Defensive Player of the Year. He's a nightmare, blocking shots indiscriminately while enveloping ball handlers like a bald eagle using its wings to defensively shield its young.

Gordon Hayward's real good, too. He's evolved into a real star for them.

Are the Mavericks resting anyone?

Dirk, Monta and Tyson apparently flew back to Dallas on Cuban's plane. Chandler Parsons is not expected to play.

Does that mean Dwight Powell will play?

Yeah. That's cool!

I'm gonna watch.

Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

How do I watch?

8 p.m. Central on TXA 21 (not Fox Sports Southwest)