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Man owes more than $150,000 in jerseys if Mavericks beat Rockets

Because RT Twitter agreements are binding by law and nobody has ever tweeted things they didn't actually mean.

Meet @JordyyJohnson. I read a little ways down his Twitter timeline and it's not clear whether he is a Rockets fan, although he does like Kendrick Lamar, which I dig. He does seem to enjoy watching the NBA. He's also very sure the Rockets will beat the Mavericks in the first round. Like, really really sure.

At press time, this tweet has 2,304 retweets. Surely it'll have a few more by the time you see it, but we're going to use that number. Let's assume he meant replica jerseys, which are currently seeing for $69.95 at, and do the math.

Mr. Jorddyjohnson, you currently owe $161,164.80 in jerseys if the Mavericks win this series. They may not! We've calculated the odds of Dallas winning to be roughly three times in eight attempts. Certainly, there's a strong chance you may not owe anything!

If they do, though? Well, I'll take a Dwight Powell royal blue one, please.