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Top 5 Mavericks Rockets stories of the week and more!

The top five (and some extra bonus ones) Mavericks Rockets previews from around the web.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs are all about hope. For a few days, everything resets and for just a brief moment, anything is possible. And on the internet, we really, really like to predict what's possible. Though we here at Mavs Moneyball have a massive preview here (which you should definitely read), there's a ton of content and viewpoints out there. Get the feel for what the basketball world is thinking is about the Dallas Mavericks

  • Friend of Moneyball Bobby Karalla  has a position-by-position preview over at The format is very multi-media; be sure to click on the different positions in order to look at the individual match ups.
  • Kirk Goldsberry from Grantland talked to Mark Cuban about the series. Read it already.
  • Mike Prada of SB Nation NBA believes that Rajon Rondo will be the key if the Mavericks are to upset the Rockets.
  • Our own Jonathan Tjarks goes match up by match up at Real GM. You may not like his prediction for the series.
  • Ben Rohrbach at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie examines the narratives and match ups and concludes Dallas will win in 7 games. That's what I like to hear.
  • Ryan Wilson at Mavs Fanatic thinks Dallas has a better bench than the Rockets. I'm not so sure, no matter how many injuries they've dealt with. But with each starting five boasting some great match ups, this very well could come down to how each bench plays.
  • Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas breaks down how this interstate rivalry has the chance to become real with games that actually matter.
  • The good people over at Hardwood Paroxysm put together a multi-angle preview using Philip K. Dick novels as inspiration for view points. These are really fun.
  • Matt Moore at Eye on Basketball at CBS Sports looks at the betting lines of Mavs-Rockets.
  • Sports Illustrated's Rob Mahoney previews the Mavericks vs Rockets. He's my old boss and remains one of my favorite analysts.
  • Bobby Karalla did another preview for Mavs Outsider. It's also really good.
  • Jonny Auping wrote a really lengthy preview for,
  • Rami Michail over at The Smoking Cuban considers the narratives and what they mean for Dallas after the playoffs.
  • Friend of Moneyball Andrew Tobolowsky questions whether Dallas actually wanted Houston in the playoffs.

If I missed anything out there, please, share in the comments.

Go Mavs!