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Quoteboard for Rockets 118, Mavericks 108: 'They traded me for a bag of chips'

Dallas dropped Game 1 to Houston. Here's what the players said.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On Ellis and Parsons not getting it going: "We've got to quite turning the ball over, that's the first thing that we have to do. 17 turnovers for 23 points just sets the table for them in transition. Finishes, threes, all that stuff. It's just too big a cushion for them, and if we can preserve the ball, and get a few more stops and rebounds, you know those guys will get better looks. So a lot of it starts with our defense. We had a lot of good shots that didn't go in. We had some other guys that had really good looks. Shot making is just one of those things, temperamental. Sometimes it's there; sometimes it's not, and if not you have to hold yourself by dealing with the possession of the game with things like turnovers and rebounds. We'll look at the film. I'm sure there are things we can do to help those guys and [get] everyone else better shots. But the turnovers and second chance points really hurt us."

On Harris' and Parsons' injuries: "Harris, the toe was bothering him in the first half, so we elected to hold him out the second half. Parsons had something happen in the fist half, went out and was examined at half time and he felt like he was OK. I think our doctor looked at him and said that he was structurally fine, and he seemed to do better in the second half. In terms of his minutes, at one point he was out a while. He started stiffening up so I had to get him back in. It's a bit of a balancing thing, so he didn't really have any long stretches,which is what we were trying to avoid. We'll watch it closely. Obviously we have to see where he is, come tomorrow and Monday morning."

On Houston's role players: "Terry hit some 3s. Ariza hit two and Brewer hit three. Brewer hit a couple of late clock ones during periods where we were doing some good things and beginning to make some runs. So the scrambles late clock are key, and we're going to have to do a better job of coming up with loose balls. Coming up with 50-50 balls, I don't think we won the 50-50 ball game tonight and that's huge in the playoffs. So it's a ten point game and it's a lot of little things that lead to a deficit like that."

Chandler Parsons

On injury: "I just landed and I felt some pain. My leg just kind of gave out on me. I couldn't really shake it. It didn't feel great. I felt fine for the first six to eight minutes and I think that was partly due to adrenaline. Something happened when I landed and it was real painful. We have a lot of work to do here and I hope it doesn't swell up over night. I'll visit the doctors and the trainers tomorrow and hope for the best."

On 37 minutes: "I wanted to play more. You have to be smart and I have to have a good judgment with my body. I was definitely a little rusty today and I missed a couple of chippies and some open shots. I didn't have my usual lift and I was definitely feeling some pain and discomfort in the right knee."

On Dallas starting slow: "We can't do that, especially in the playoffs. We have to find a way to be consistent and play the same way for 48 minutes. We can't give up these leads and have these teams go on runs. Houston is a team of runs and they have guys that can make plays. We have to try and eliminate that."

Devin Harris

On the injury: "The toe is pretty sore and I aggravated it during the game. We will have to continue to treat it and hopefully I'll be back. It remains to be seen and there are some things we have to figure out. We'll see how it goes."

On turnovers: "We did a great job settling in the first half and we need to come out with more energy and get into the game early. In the second quarter, we did a better job of getting stops and doing what we thought we could take away from what they like to do and get out into transition. We have to pick up our pace and try to run."

Tyson Chandler

On slow start: "We have to come out and be the aggressor. I think we need to be picking up full court and turning them and denying the wings, making it more difficult for them. I think they were way too comfortable bringing the ball up the floor and more comfortable getting into their offense."

On 4th quarter and Brewer: "We had a couple unfortunate plays where the ball just kind of bounced around. We had made good defensive plays and they came up and hit some big 3-pointers right when we pulled within striking distance. I think the first quarter really hurt us. Then also, coming out in the third quarter without the proper aggression."

Corey Brewer

On beating Mavs: "It feels good, especially against your former team. They traded my away for a bag of chips."

Josh Smith

On keeping composure during Dallas runs: "We knew coming in what kind of curve balls they were going to throw at us throughout the series and it felt like we had all the curve balls thrown at us in the first game. We were able to withstand it and be able to stay poised in the moment. And be able to come up with runs of our own."