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Chandler Parsons is out for the season, per Mavericks

Parsons' knee swelling has taken a turn for the worse and the Mavericks are "very concerned."

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Chandler Parsons will miss the rest of the season, per Mavericks PR. He is also exploring surgical options on his knee.


Chandler Parsons will not play in Game 2 of the Mavericks Rockets first round series and is in danger of missing the rest of the playoffs.

"The knee is not responding the way we hoped," Rick Carlisle said before the game. "This is a young man who is very important to our team now and in the future. We're very concerned. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow by Dr. Souryal and we'll have more information for you following that evaluation."

Parsons missed the final six regular season games with knee soreness and swelling, even though the knee is structurally fine, doctors say. Parsons limped off the floor in the third quarter of Game 1 after tweaking it, and although he returned, concerns linger.

"I'm concerned, period," Carlisle said. "That does loom as a possibility, but we'll know more tomorrow. I will say this: it's become clear to those of us close to the team and him that he's been in more pain than he's let on.

He continued: "The fact the knee has not responded and the swelling has not dissipated the way we hoped means we have to pull the plug on tonight and he's got to see doc tomorrow and see what's what."

Devin Harris is also out for Game 2, although Carlisle said his toe injury is improving. The hope is he'll play in the series' coming games.