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Rajon Rondo refuses to talk to media after second half benching

The Mavericks are determined to fill this season with more drama than any reasonable NBA team in history.

HOUSTON -- The Rajon Rondo situation reached a boiling point on Tuesday when he ignored media, first those assembled at his locker and then several members who caught up with him as he walked out of the arena.

Rondo only played 10 minutes in the game and just 34 seconds in the second half after committing two quick fouls on James Harden and a technical. Without Devin Harris, who is dealing with an injured toe, head coach Rick Carlisle finished the game with JJ Barea, Raymond Felton and Monta Ellis at the guard positions.

Rondo had a yelling match with Carlisle in a game earlier this year and was suspended for one game, leading to Carlisle's now infamous "coach's decision" line he repeated when asked. The situation appeared to be resolved for a time, but things are once again troubled in Dallas with their season teetering on the brink of elimination.

Here's my short Vine of the very end. This was a 20 second walk away from locker room.

Rondo is not long for Dallas.