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Rajon Rondo is done in Dallas if Rick Carlisle remains coach, per report

A source issues a quiet ultimatum for the Dallas organization

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This Rajon Rondo experience is getting out of hand. After playing only 10 minutes due to poor offensive decision making and foul trouble, the former Boston guard is apparently not interested in returning to the Dallas Mavericks if Rick Carlisle remains the coach.

Rajon Rondo's time in Dallas simply hasn't worked out and with Dallas facing an 0-2 playoff hole, he seems to be looking ahead towards the future. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has more:

"When Rondo realized his run with the Celtics was over this year, he planned to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in the summer, league sources told Yahoo Sports. He expected a maximum contract. Once Dallas made the trade, he was open to re-signing with the Mavericks - only there are no max contract offers for Rondo on the market. Not in Dallas, nor Los Angeles. He's played his way out of that payday - not just this year, but since that terrible ACL injury two years ago.


As long as the coach is back, Rondo's gone, sources told Yahoo Sports. The parting could be mutual."

The source here is most likely Rondo's agent, but that's neither here nor there. It'd a bold proclamation in support of a player who has the worst regular season plus-minus of any Dallas Maverick.

Of course, it seems as if it will take coaches, analysts, and fans time to catch up with the simple truth that Rajon Rondo is not a particularly effective player any more. Even fellow players don't seem to grasp how far Rondo has fallen.

"It does look frustrating for him," [Josh] Smith told Yahoo Sports. "And it's definitely not his fault."

This is a ludicrous statement. Rick Carlisle did not force Rondo into getting a rare 8 second back court violation nor did he make Rondo pick up a technical foul following his lethargic defense on James Harden.

From Grantland's Zach Lowe:

This is where we are with Rondo. A bad match between a point guard with eroded skills and a team in need of a steady hand has resulted in a frustrating relationship. The divorce between the Dallas Mavericks and Rajon Rondo is all but certain.