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8 reasons *we're* going to watch the Mavericks in Game 4

We were going to come up with 10 reasons you should watch, but how about we just let you guys see why we're headed there Sunday.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Here's why our three credentialed Mavericks media guys are going to Game 4 on Sunday. Hopefully they get you excited despite the 0-3 deficit!

1. Playoff Felton!

I was as surprised as anyone when Ray Felton not only stepped up toward the end of the season and in the playoffs, but stepped up in an actually meaningful way. With the injuries and drama surrounding this Mavericks team, I'm not even sarcastic when I say I'm legitimately happy for Felton to get to play significant minutes to help this Mavs team do....well, be competitive in the face of an almost certain sweep, at least.

You go, Playoff Felton. I'll be cheering for you. Stories of redemption are always nice. - RL

2. The Sundae machine is back

Ah, the glorious time of year when they wheel that happiness-inducing contraption out from some nook or cranny of the AAC, dust off the cobwebs and ready it for media members everywhere. - TC

3. Because I have to be at the last home game

For the past two seasons, I have had the luxury of attending almost every Mavs home game. At times, it's exhausting as it is work but it's never once became a burden. It's a joy covering the Mavericks. They're always interesting as they have a continually rotating roster, a vocal owner, a sometimes ornery coach, and one of the best players the league has ever seen. Sure, sometimes watching them can be difficult but I don't need to remind myself why I keep going to the games. (Hint: It's the money, duh.) I was at the first and last home game last season and I will do the same this year. - DR

4. AAC seems like a very safe place to be during a tornado

As someone who moved to Dallas from perpetually sunny and mild Southern California less than three years ago, "organized severe thunderstorm cells" and "tornado watch" are words that terrify me. However, I've been in the concrete hallways of the limited-access bottom level of AAC for two seasons now, and they seem like one of the safer places in the Metroplex to be should an actual tornado or basketball-sized hail come ripping through the city. I really envy the calm North Texas lifers on days like today. - RL

5. I can make my Internet jokes 10 seconds quicker

I know my audience and I know people follow me on Twitter mainly for the bad jokes and worse puns. I can't imagine any other reasons anyone would entertain me. Well, being in the arena means none of that pesky 10 second television delay. That's clutch and a real service to my readers. - TC

6. Because the Mavericks are Star Trek (and everything is Star Trek)

I feel like the season and the way it has ended is a lot like Spock's death in Star Trek II. We, the fans, are Kirk, watching helplessly as our close friend, Spock, slowly slumps over after sacrificing himself. In this instance, the Mavericks have played and sacrificed for our enjoyment all season just to meet an untimely end. But, as Spock's torpedo lands on the Genesis planet, it leaves us with a sense of hope for the future. Star Trek III is on the horizon. And that's what the offseason holds for the Mavs, a sense of renewal and hope. I highly doubt that anyone would question that the Mavs have been the most human of all teams this season.

I like the Mavs and Star Trek, so sue me. Maybe I want to see a sci-fi plot play out on the court. At least it gives me something to look forward to. -DR

7. Appreciating Dirk while we can

It's no secret this has been a rough season in spots for the Mavs' future Hall of Famer, but Game 3 provided a glimpse of the Dirk Nowitzki we all know and love and have come to expect game in and game out. With Dirk in the final act of an amazing career, we should all be conscious of every post-up, every one-legged fadeaway, every pull-up transition three. Sooner than we want to admit, this will be a team who doesn't have the tall German leading the way. Every moment with Dirk is a gift. Appreciate them. - RL

8. Playoff basketball is always fun

It's fun if you're the Bucks beating the Bulls on a buzzer beating layup to win their first game of the series or if you're the Clippers vs. Spurs in the first round's premiere matchup. It's not quite as fun if you're the Toronto Drakes, but it's still fun, because they Started From The Bottom and there's No Tellin' when basketball will Show Them A Good Time again, so might as well make this Unforgettable. - TC

Basically, enjoy this. It's why we watch.