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Donnie Nelson talks about the Rajon Rondo trade, Rick Carlisle's fit with Mavericks

The Mavericks talked at exit interviews on Wednesday. Here are quoteboards with what they said.

Wow, look at this photo from 2000.
Wow, look at this photo from 2000.
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On this season

"I wouldn't call winning 50 in the West a failure but at the same time we're used to bigger and better things. We all wish we could've done better but the boys fought every single game. With the exception of Game 2 we were right there at the end. A little bit of execution on our part, a couple shots fall, that type of thing, but hindsight is always 20/20. They certainly played better than we did and deserved to win the series."

On the Rondo trade

"That was definitely something worth pulling the trigger on. In our opinion that was kind of the one piece that was missing. Certainly, a guy that's 28 with the accolades and the championship experience and all defense and we've had a history of doing well with pass-first point guards. Sometimes when things are written down on paper they look great, when things are going into the oven they feel great and a lot of times when it comes out sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It was one of those things that in our estimation certainly wasn't risk free, but it was certainly worth the risk. If we would've had to do it all over again we would've pulled the trigger again."

If they considering cutting Rondo after the Toronto game on Feb. 24

"No. What happens with the structure of the team stays within the locker room. It's like anything else. We've had issues in the past. This one got a little bit more press than we would've liked. Whether it was Jason Kidd when he first came on board, it's just different systems and different philosophies. Ultimately we ran out of runway and we had to make hard decisions."

On if it feels like starting at square one after failed Rondo trade

"I don't think so. In this day and age with the advent of free agency you can get things back to the way they used to in pretty quick order. Certainly the focus for is going to be in the locker room, getting our guys under contract. There are some interesting prospects this summer. We'll have max flexibility to go out and sign a player if need be. We certainly like the fabric of the locker room and the chemistry that was in there for the most part. We've had success with 17 years with that and I don't look for there to be any changes there."

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On only having four players under contract

"Unfortunately I think it probably is and it's not necessarily a bad thing. It puts our head coach in a difficult position because when you're shuffling in new pieces it's just more challenging. We've had success with Rick and shuffling those pieces. It's not the preferred way of doing business but in this age of free agency you have to have talent to win in this league. There's no question about that. We've had pretty good success with getting some young players towards the end of the summer and getting our flexibility. It's been a strain on our head coach, but he's handled it like he has with everything and hasn't complained and made the best with a difficult situation. But unfortunately I think those days are here to stay."

On if they know what Monta and Felton will do with their options

"I think they both have different trigger dates. Now is the time when you kind of want to get away and not make an emotional decision. Certainly they'll have opportunities. I think, all things being equal, we're in a really good position because we've just been really blessed since I've been here to have great chemistry and leadership. From Mark to Rick to Dirk to Tyson, you can go right down the list, our priority is to keep guys like that in our locker room because that's been the major key to our success."

On what was great about Aminu's first season

"We've just been really lucky that you have players like that who see us as a destination to develop. Brandan Wright certainly had that opportunity a few years ago and got himself out in the marketplace and certainly got his value. We were lucky Al chose us. With an eye on the history that we've had here with Rick and our development program, he certainly should opt out, and he will, as noted. We hope to be in a position to reacquire his services."

On Dirk saying he'd come off the bench in the right situation

"You know, what hasn't Dirk done to this team? You talk about one of the most selfless superstars that has every right to make more money. You can go right down the list, but he truly has the best interest of this city and this team at heart. That doesn't surprise me, but that's the first time I've heard that."

On if he envisions Dirk moving to a 6th man role

"As Dirk, we have the best interest of the Mavericks. If we feel its in our best interest, whether it's acquiring a player, and Dirk is selfless enough to swallow that pill, then we'll make that decision from a coaching perspective with Rick and Mark. Again, I'm almost speechless about what Dirk has done for this franchise and continues to do. It just doesn't ceases to amaze me."

On if the Rondo experiment failing brings any less confidence in Carlisle as a coach

"It re-establishes confidence, honestly. Rick is our Jerry Sloan. I think he's one of the top coaches in the league if not the top coach. We're blessed and lucky to have him. He can be in Dallas as long as he wants to be."

On Chandler Parsons' role going forward

"That's a tough one. I know, especially with the series and the balance, he absolutely wanted to be out there and he really pushed the envelop for the best interest of the Mavericks in Game 1. We want to make sure we get that right. We're going to have the best of the best look at him and do the procedure and we're hopeful with our medical staff, that again, is second to none in the league, and our doctors, that he'll be ready for next year."

On Parsons "switching into GM mode"

"Oh, he can watch film with me 18 hours a day, no problem. Pull up a chair! When I take calls from other GM's he won't be in the room. No, he's just got a great basketball mind. He will be a GM in this league, there's no question about it. That's not going to be for -- knock on wood -- 10 or 15 years, but obviously, he's got a couple friends in that locker room and sometimes, occasionally you have to take a call and talk about names and it's not the appropriate place at that time. But we've had Dirk in our draft room and some of the other players. If he wants to learn the biz I'm happy to teach it to him."

On whether Parsons can help as a recruiter

"Already has. You know, we're just really lucky and blessed in terms of Mark and Rick and Dirk and Tyson. Whoever has been in that locker room, for whatever reason has really liked it here. With our success pattern, we're hopeful to be successful again in the free agent market, and yes, Chandler Parsons will be front and center."

On Dwight Powell

"Dwight has been, again, another refreshing example of our development system. We're just really lucky that 20 minutes up the road at the drop of a hat we can have a guy practice here in the morning and play games with the Legends. It's a real luxury. He has embraced that situation. Some guys look at it as a demotion, which I think is laughable. [It's] an opportunity to play. He has embraced it and really got the most out of it. We just literally finished his exit interview and we're looking for a big summer from him and Coach is looking for big things from him next year."

On whether Powell could crack the rotation next season

"That's a coach's question but it wouldn't surprise me."