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Chandler Parsons talks about his first year with Mavericks, Rondo trade, more

The Mavericks finished for the season with exit interviews on Wednesday. Here's a quoteboard of what Chandler Parsons said.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
On what he knows about his surgery

"Nothing yet. I should be finding out here soon. I wanted to hold off as far as we kept playing and I didn't want to jump into anything and miss games. I wanted to with the team as long as the team kept going so obviously now that it's over. I'll talk with my agent, talk with parents, talk with the staff here and decide as soon as possible because obviously I want to have it done sooner than later. The quicker I have it, the quicker I'll be ready to go. It'd be ideal to have it soon but I still don't what, I still don't know where and I still don't know with who."

On whether the recovery time could linger to training camp

"I don't know. I've never had any surgery in my life so I don't know how my knee will respond. We still don't know what the operation is going to be, so to give you a timetable, right would be kind of silly because honestly I don't know.

On how he feels his first year went

"A little bit up and down. I've never been hurt in my career. I think I missed more games this year than I did my entire first three years, which is extremely frustrating. Obviously being a new guy on a new team, a new city, everything was just brand new with me. A lot of times I'm trying to get acclimated, get used to it. I'm just disappointed I couldn't play in the playoffs. That's the most fun time of the year, that's what you come here to do, is compete for a championship. For me not being able to do that this year was devastating, frustrating. I've never really went through anything like that. A pretty down year for me just from the standpoint I couldn't help. I couldn't play in the playoffs and help my team compete for a championship."

On how he evaluates the Mavs' season

"Obviously it ended short. It's never good when you're losing in the first round. We wanted to continue to play. We want to be able to compete for a championship. That didn't happen this year so I think with what we had and everything we went through, the good thing is we stuck together, we competed and guys really played hard and guys really came together. It just wasn't enough at the end. Houston played better than us. Hats off to them. They had a great series. I think we did what we could with what we have."

On expanding his role next year

"I'm going into my prime. I think I'm ready. I feel like this year was more of a year to get comfortable and get my feet wet. I had some big games. Next year I hope for a much bigger role. I want the ball in my hands. I want good players around me. I think we have a chance to make some noise next year. Like I said, this year was a little frustrating, mostly just health wise with the ankle and the foot and then with the knee, so my biggest goal right is to do whatever I have to do to fix my knee, no matter how long that's going to be. I think that'll be good because it will allow me to basically reset my body, and take time to work on foot and my hips and it will allow me to get stronger than I have ever been and not too overweight hopefully."

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On how important is this summer as someone who is trying to recruit players

"I'm officially shifting into GM mode. I have great relationships with a lot of guys that are out there. I have a great relationship with a lot of guys that are currently on our team, so as a guy that will be here for a while and as one of the key guys going forward I will definitely be talking to management. Anything I can do to help I'll obviously do. I want to bring the best guys here. I want to give us the best chance to win a championsip, so I'll do whatever it takes to do that."

On his thoughts about Rondo

"I think Rondo came in here with the right intentions. I don't think he's a bad guy. It just didn't work. That the style of play. It just didn't really clash how we thought it would it be. I'm not the only one who thought it would be amazing. But he's a good dude and I wish him luck but it just really didn't work out."

On whether the trade was a setback

"Looking at it now, you could say that, especially the way Crowder played in the playoffs and Brandan was great, but you've got to take risks like that. I'd rather be with a franchise that's trying to make bold moves like that for the better of the city, the team rather than not. Some things don't work out. I can't look back now and say what if. That's impossible to do. You can't really blame them for it because I'm pretty sure even you guys thought it would work out better than it did."

On pitch to free agents this summer

"Just we have a great organization, we have high expectations. We have the best owner in sports, we have the best media in sports. No, just coming here, and obviously there are free agents that we want to sign back and see what the situation is, but we're definitely moving in the right direction and we have a lot of pieces that would fit well with the free agents out there right now and we have a great coach, so I think we're moving in the right direction. We're a championship-caliber team. We just got to get the right pieces."

How he becomes core player on team

"Work extremely hard. Never stop working. With this knee injury I think it'll be a blessing in disguise. I'll be able to work on all aspects of my game. I'll be able to get much stronger, I'll be able to get much faster. I'll feel like a new guy with a new guy. Being 27 at the start of next year, obviously it's not ideal but it's good timing and I'll be able to do things and spend time with things I never have before. Get in the gym, work on my shot, work on everything and just continue to be a versatile player and do a little bit of everything on the floor."