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Mavericks Injury Update: Rajon Rondo, Chandler Parsons do not participate in practice

Rick Carlisle hopes Rondo can practice on Tuesday.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo, Chandler Parsons and Richard Jefferson all sat out of practice on Monday, Rick Carlisle said to reporters at practice.

Rondo, who is dealing with a hyperextended knee, rode the exercise bike and took some shots, while Parsons' right knee swelling limited him to just the bike. Jefferson had a right toe jam.

Carlisle didn't rule out Parsons participating on Tuesday, but from the sounds of it, that possibility is unlikely. Carlisle said he was more hopeful Rondo and Jefferson could participate.

The Mavericks play the Suns at home on Wednesday and, considering their struggles to them this season, could use all hands on deck.

Other relevant quotes not related to injury:

Tyson Chandler, on whether he has a message for teams who want to play Dallas in the first round: "No," then,after consideration, "Be careful what you wish for."

Dirk Nowitzki said he's feeling better now than he did in December and referenced resting on back-to-backs as being helpful. He also said he's predicting Wisconsin to win the NCAA Championship game Monday night.

And I'll leave you with a Dirk quote that needs no additional context other than that it's about beer: "I've had a few in my life, I have to admit."

Never leave us, Dirk.