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NBA playoff picture: Mavericks clinch a playoff berth for 14th time in 15 years

Dallas will officially be in the playoffs when they come around next week.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks are officially playoff bound thanks to Oklahoma City's loss last night.

Back 4.5 games on Dallas with four to play, the Thunder could mathematically only tie the Mavericks, who own the tiebreaker. A New Orleans loss in Memphis or a Mavericks win against the Suns on Wednesday would clinch the No. 7 spot for the Mavs, though. With San Antonio catching fire, the No. 7 spot is the only one left in play this season.

The Spurs' last minute run of scorched earth has the entire NBA in awe of their ability to always put it together around this time and be ready for the playoffs. If they win out and the Grizzlies lose one game, they take the No. 2 seed. If the Rockets can beat them just once in an upcoming home-and-home, then the Mavericks likely opponent will be them.

Until then, the Mavericks have no playoff implications to play for but must try to follow in the Spurs footsteps, putting some kind of momentum together as they head into the season's final week.

Current playoff opponent: Houston Rockets (up one game on Memphis)

Games back of San Antonio: 5.5 (Mavericks mathematically eliminated from moving up to No. 6)

Games ahead of New Orleans: 4 (A Pelicans loss or Mavericks win clinches the No. 7 seed)

One upcoming conference game to watch: Spurs-Rockets on Wednesday and Friday are the two that really matter at this point

And for fun, where the Mavericks would be in the East: Tied with the Bulls for the No. 3 seed

Here's a look at the complete standings: