Check out the Mavericks' Christmas uniforms for next year


1. has designs for all of the Christmas uniforms right here.

2. This doesn't mean the Mavericks are playing on Christmas -- every team got a design. It still depends on the 2015-16 schedule being released.

3. With the possible exception of a Mavs vs. Rockets matchup, I doubt Dallas gets a Christmas game anyway. I don't believe they've had one since 2012, when they got annihilated in a Finals rematch against the Heat.

4. With that said, I do like these. I bet there's also a blue road jersey plus the creme color that isn't displayed. I don't think I'd want creme uniforms to replace the home whites forever (and obviously they aren't), but for a special occasion like Christmas or something, these are kind of nice. I'll say 3.5 out of 5 stars.