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Mavericks apparently add retro green jerseys, skyline alternates for 2015-16 season

In addition to the green, renditions of the skyline jerseys have also leaked.

Green is back! The Mavericks haven't officially announced it, but according to several designs floating around Twitter, the team will bring back the green jerseys as an NBA Hardwood Classic.

This is the best mockup we have so far.

That's pretty small, but they appear to be modernized versions of this 80s look.


A better look at the Mavericks skyline alternates have also leaked. As you may remember, this was a fan-designed uniform and the winner was selected last summer.

I'll save the hot sports analysis on these for our resident uniform expert, but personally, new uniforms are good and cool if you ask me. And green is good, that's for sure.

Oh, and the Mavericks' proposed designs for their Christmas day jerseys, IF they have a Christmas day game, also leaked today. You can see them here.

The Mavericks also For more jersey talk, be sure to read our complete history of Mavericks uniforms.