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Chandler Parsons still on crutches after surgery

However, we still don't know what type of surgery it was.

The Dallas Mavericks' Twitter posted this Vine of Chandler Parsons on crutches at an NBA Cares event on Thursday.

Parsons spoke to reporters there, but he wouldn't answer whether he had microfracture surgery, something that has been rumored regarding his knee injury.

Parsons will be on crutches for another two or three weeks, per's Bobby Karalla.

If it is microfracture surgery, I'm not sure how much of an advantage the Mavericks gain from hiding it. Any free agent who meets with Dallas will ask about Parsons' health and they won't be able to hide it then, although maybe that will have bought Parsons enough time in his recovery to guarantee an early season return. That Parsons won't say what surgery it was either way makes me think the worst, but again, we just don't know at this point.

Parsons definitely had an arthroscopic knee surgery on May 1, something Mavericks PR confirmed it with a press release. I'm not a doctor but if I understand everything correctly, the question is whether he has had another surgery (microfracture or otherwise) since that Instagram post of him in a hospital bed. Hopefully the answer to that is no.

Get healthy, Chandler.