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Predict the Mavericks starting 5 and bench for next season

The offseason is starting to heat up. Tell us how you think the Dallas offseason will end up.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA offseason is craziness that not even a crazy person like myself can truly predict any better than, say, you. So let's get some reader participation on what you think the Mavericks' eight-man rotation will look like come October 2015.

We know Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons are sure to be there, and Devin Harris is a decent candidate too. Copy this, paste it below and have at it.

(Let's ignore injury concerns for now. Parsons is the guy even if he's not healthy by opening day.)

Starter - 
Starter -
Starter - Chandler Parsons
Starter - Dirk Nowitzki
Starter -
Bench - Devin Harris
Bench -
Bench -

I went ahead and filled in those three, but feel free to demote Dirk to the bench or promote Harris to the starting five if you see that as your likely scenario.

This is a contest! We'll bring this back after the offseason to see who the winner is. We'll give three points for a correct starter, two points for a correct bench player and one point for a correct player in the wrong spot. Current players will be included in this and remember, this is the Mavericks' optimal top eight regardless of health.

Right now, the reward is internet fame, but we may have an actual reward of our choosing to be determined. No promises though! We'll close the comments for this in a week and ties are determined by which comment came first.

Happy predicting!