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2015 Community Big Board: We pick Karl-Anthony Towns No. 1, vote for No. 2 now

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We're voting on our favorite prospects for the Mavericks. Give your opinion on who should be No. 2 below.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The first prospect for our Mavs Moneyball community big board has been selected. Congratulations Karl-Anthony Towns on such a prestigious award!

Here is our current big board.

  1. Karl-Anthony Towns

Here's the reasoning given.

I think its gotta be Karl-Anthony Towns as #1. He's an athletic C that can play both the 5 and the 4 with his range and lateral quickness. You just can pass up on that kind of guy
- Ateam105

Towns is an obvious pick here. Mostly because his game fits all the necessary parts of the modern nba along with ridiculous amount of skill and upside.
- Xerose

Karl-Anthony Towns because... basketball reasons.
- B.Cardinal4MVP

Towns is the one for me. He is just so versatile and we need help everywhere. Will be shocked if Minny doesn't get him
- Yoshio

The second leading vote getter was surprisingly Frank Kaminsky with 18 percent of the vote -- possibly because of his similarities to Dirk. If that's who the community dictates for No. 2, we better hope he really is Dirk's doppelganger

Here's SB Nation's Big Board if you want to read up briefly on some of these names.

See you tomorrow morning for prospect No. 3.