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The 2014-15 Mavericks season, as told by social media

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We recap Dallas' year from June 2014 to May 2015 using Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

Tyson Chandler is BACK

Cuban begins assembling Chandler & Chandler

The squad on media day

Media day!!

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Including happy Monta!

Remember when Parsons was fat?

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Dirk's quicker jumper seemed like a big deal

Instead, maybe Dirk just gave his powers to Parsons

Finally hit some shots and this happens... #congratson9

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In the season's second game, J.J. Barea came home!

Parsons quickly becomes a crowd pleaser

Jae Crowder destroyed J.R. Smith's ankles, kind of

Tyson is awesome again

The Rondo trade happens, although not everyone realized?

Rondo returns to Boston

The Cowboys lost and even Dirk was mad

Shawn Marion returned to Dallas

@matrix31 watching a tribute video during that last quarter break. #DALvsCLE ##dallasmavs #matrix #matrix31 #thatswhatsup

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For a little while, Rajon Rondo looked like he might have rounded a corner

The team started building chemistry!

Parsons + Uptown Funk


Richard Jefferson's defining Mavericks moment

Rondo's last good moment?


Thanks to mffl for coming out tonight, @swish41 was the biggest kid there

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Felton's game winner was a close second

Frustrated Dirk throws microphone after Game 1

The night the Rondo trade died

No love for Rondo...

...or the refs

But they didn't get swept

What a season.