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2015 Community Big Board: It's R.J. Hunter time; vote for No. 18

Hunter ranks below two other names linked to the Mavs, Jerian Grant and Tyus Jones.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Our latest Mavs Moneyball big board selection is R.J. Hunter, which -- if we think he's the 17th-best prospect in the draft -- makes me a little nervous that he'll actually fall to Dallas. Fingers crossed.

Here's the complete list of 17.

1. Karl-Anthony Towns

2. Jahlil Okafor

3. D'Angelo Russell

4. Emmanuel Mudiay

5. Willie Cauley-Stein

6. Justise Winslow

7. Mario Hezonja

8. Kristaps Porzingis

9. Myles Turner

10. Frank Kaminsky

11. Stanley Johnson

12. Cameron Payne

13. Trey Lyles

14. Bobby Portis

15. Tyus Jones

16. Jerian Grant

17. R.J. Hunter

Here's what the community said about him:

the reasoning i have for picking him so high, in fact, over even Jerian Grant, is that he has 2 things which are important for players coming in:
1. Skill in one area which can translate into the nba without any issues (shooting typically translates without issues into the NBA, esp if u were the featured scorer and was planned against by opponents and still can score efficiently)
2. No Obvious issues in any area which might make the player unplayable in the NBA.→ Players who can shoot for nuts, have a high risk of basically becoming nothing much for the team even after 3-4 years in the nba. Just ask Michael Kidd Gilchrist. He might end up becoming a really good player, but most players like that typically dont contribute enough to stay with their own team for their second contract (see: Aminu). There's always players with obvious size/length/strength issues. Of course, those can be mitigated, for example, Ty Lawson has been a good player for a while despite his height. That said, more busts than not.
- Xeroze

its a toss up between devin booker and rj hunter for me
gonna pick hunter again cause he has been who i was trying to get in for the last 2 votes and i believe in trusting your instincts

- Yoshio

Vote for no. 18 below.