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Just enough Monta: saying goodbye to Ellis by watching his clutch highlights

Monta Ellis may be leaving, but his clutch moments will last forever.

The Monta Ellis experience has come to a close. For two seasons, Monta provided numerous fun moments in late-game situations with his dynamic shot making ability. He may have been moody and a headache, but no one can deny Monta's crunch time ability. Monta is far and away the most explosive shooting guard to ever grace a Maverick uniform during the Dirk era. The Nowitzki-Ellis give and go during crunch time will be sorely missed. Since the 2011 championship, the Mavs have wandered through the wilderness in search of a star to supplant Dirk. They didn't quite find one in Ellis, but he us briefly forget that we're lost and running out of water.

I tried to find all of Monta's baskets in close games with under 5 minutes; he had quite a few. The Pelicans, Rockets and Spurs experienced the brunt of Monta's magic. Monta left a large crunch time void for Chandler Parsons to fill, but I think he's up to the task.