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2015 NBA draft: Mavericks draft for upside with Justin Anderson

The Mavs selected Justin Anderson with the 21st pick in the draft, hoping for some defense and shooting from the Virginia product.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

After a couple hours of hand wringing, the Mavs finally get their guy by selecting Virginia Justin Anderson. Right now, the Mavs are just in need of players. Before the draft, Rick Carlisle said, "We'll take anyone who can play." Justin Anderson should be able to come in and fill a small role immediately.

The Virginia forward isn't RJ Hunter or Bobby Portis but he's a quality scorer and a shooter. He's a good athlete at 6'6'' and decent length but he was absolutely scorching with Virginia last season -- he shot 45.2 percent from three, 46.6 percent from the floor.

He's used to being the go-to guy, so he should be able to come in and produce right away. Put Anderson on the floor and he'll be able to knock down shots. Think back to the Mavs roster last year -- they didn't really have that many shooters. There was Dirk, Chandler Parsons, Richard Jefferson, Devin Harris and, that's about it. The Mavs desperately needed a player that was tall and could shoot threes. That's Anderson.

The best part? He's supposed to be a good defender at the next level. The Mavs desperately need defense as much as they need shooting. If Anderson can take that to the next level, he'll earn a spot in Rick Carlisle's rotation pretty quick.