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2015 NBA Draft: Mavs take Satnam Singh, the first Indian-born player in the NBA

Singh will be the first Indian-born player drafted into the NBA. HE'S ALSO GIGANTIC.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the 52nd pick in the NBA Draft, the Dallas Mavericks took Indian-born Satnam Singh.

Singh was rumored to be a second-round pick, thanks to his crazy size. He's a legit 7'2'' and 290 pounds. He is a beefy man.

Apparently he knows how to play basketball! Singh has a nice jumper and can stroke it out behind the three-point arch and is a pick and pop threat. Of course, he's also super raw, having not played college ball thanks to eligibility concerns. It sounds like he needs to keep learning the game, learn to adjust to higher levels of competition.

That's exactly what the D-League is for! Of course, it wouldn't be a Mavericks draft without taking a nice PR-newsy story as Singh has an incredible story of how he got to the league -- much like former second round pick Bernard James. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MASSIVE HE IS?

Enjoy watching Singh learn the ropes for the Texas Legends for a couple of years.