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Draft grades roundup: Mavericks' selection of Anderson widely praised

On the morning after the draft, where do various writers stand on the Mavericks' draft picks?

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's the morning after the draft, and for the first time in a while, I think most of us are satisfied-to-thrilled with the Mavericks' choices last night. Most of the major sports sites seem to be in agreement that the Mavs (at least in the first round) got themselves more than a passing grade, if not near the head of the class.

Take a look at what various other writers said below -- you can find their full draft analysis by clicking on the site name. And then let us know in the comments what grade you would give the Mavericks' picks!

Mavs Moneyball: B+ (voting still open!)


SB Nation: A (first round only)

Anderson could be the steal of the draft. He is a very good defender with the size to defend multiple positions, and he could grow into an elite stopper once his fundamentals improve. His motor is incredible, but his work ethic is even better. That's why he improved significantly as a three-point shooter this past season at Virginia by revising his mechanics. This bodes well for his ability to develop as a ball handler, his prominent weakness.

Bleacher Report: B-

No. 21 overall: Justin Anderson, Virginia, 6'6", SF, Junior

Justin Anderson gives the Mavericks a three-and-D option on the wing. He shot 45.2 percent from downtown as a junior, and at 230 pounds with a 43" max vertical, he combines a lethal jumper and lockdown potential on the wing.

Anderson can't create his own shot, and unless he's set up, he isn't much of an offensive threat.

But with Dallas able to surround him with scorers and playmakers, the Mavericks should simply value his two-way presence and shot-making ability. He's a safe pick here at No. 21.

No. 52 Overall: Satnam Singh, India, 7'2", C, 1995

Born in India, Singh turned heads in workouts and earned himself a spot on the 2015 draft board. While his marketing potential is a selling point, Singh has monster size and a promising shooting stroke.

He isn't likely to play in the NBA next year, but Singh's development will be fun to follow.

USA Today: B

Justin Anderson (No. 21) made huge strides at Virginia and seems to be getting even better. At 6-6, he's a wing capable of playing solid defense and knocking down open shots, which is exactly what Dallas needs. Satnam Singh (No. 52) is the first India native to get drafted.

CBS Sports: A (first round); F (second round)

First round:

Terrific value at a position of need: 3-and-D and his shot mechanics don't scare me. Anderson has great size at 6-foot-6 with a 7-foot wingspan. It's a great pick up, and the Mavs needed him there.

Second round:

Not an NBA player but good for a sideshow. He's a comic book supervillain-sized dude.

Yahoo Sports: A (first round only)

The big question with Anderson: Was his improvement as a shooter a one-year mirage? He shot 48.5 percent on threes as a junior before getting hurt, a huge step up over his 30 percent from behind the arc as a sophomore. If Anderson remains a knock-down shooter, his size, strength and defensive prowess makes him a prototypical three and D guy in the NBA.

Sports Illustrated: B (first round only)

Anderson is an interesting pick here. On one hand, he is an NBA defender right away. He's big, physical and was a linchpin of Virginia's stingy defense last season. Anderson shot the ball well statistically, but there are lingering concerns about his consistency. Still, Rick Carlisle loves intelligent players who know how to fit into a system and Anderson played in arguably the most precision-based system in college basketball last season. Clearly, Dallas was not enamored with any of the point guard prospects here.