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Blue Sox win big over Dirk's White Sox in the Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game

The actual baseball game was never particularly close, but the night was more about the jokes, antics, and crowd appreciation than any actual baseball.

Rebecca Lawson

Well, the home team (aka Dirk Nowitzki's White Sox) never really had much of a shot in this year's Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. The Blue Sox jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the top of the first inning, and never really looked back. The away team ended up taking the game 17-5.

The evening had plenty of fun and notable moments, though most of them had little to do with baseball. Here are a few of the more entertaining highlights from the charity event:

Dirk's got jokes

As I hope everyone on this site knows and believes in their hearts and recites before they go to sleep at night, Dirk is the best. First there was this, goofing around before the game:

Then, as he addressed the crowd towards the beginning of the game:

Basically, Dirk likes to have fun, and we all love him the more for it. Could the NBA possibly have a more humble and awesome superstar? Methinks not.


Steve Nash made his first ever appearance at Heroes Celebrity Baseball, and he played with so much joy that it was hard to keep your eyes off him. He got in the dirt. He made diving catches. He was aggressive. He was the first guy in the outfield when the White Sox took the field. He essentially had second base on lockdown all night. It was wonderful to see.

And, good to see these three together again, no?

Great time with my guys yesterday @swish41 charity baseball game. Fun being back in the Big D!

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Tyron Smith for....MVP?!

Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Tyron Smith was the game's MVP. He had a fantastic night, getting on base over and over and driving in quite a few runs. Supposedly he had never really played a lot of baseball before, but the man has some serious power. His most notable highlight was a massive hit that saw Tyron (a very large human being) run almost all the way around the bases, beating the throw from left field to third to pick up a triple.

Don't Mess with Texas...or Dirk

A pretty funny crowd moment happened when Dirk popped up a foul ball just past first base. Actor Geoff Stults was playing first for the Blue Sox, and easily picked up the out. However, the crowd did NOT like seeing the big German go out like that, and Stults was booed vigorously. For his part, Stults was happy to play the villain.

Dirk remains the best, however:

Dez being Dez

Dez Bryant stood out with some flashy play in left field, and pretty much having everyone throwing up the X, but his most notable moment was a bit controversial. Between innings late in the game, Dez was interviewed over the PA. It was mostly mundane banter, but right at the end, Dez took the mic with a message for the crowd. Probably hoping to fire up a crowd full of Mavs fans, Dez exhorted everyone in attendance to take to social media to convince LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan to come to Dallas in free agency this offseason.

As most of our readers probably realize, DeAndre Jordan joining the Mavs would require that Tyson Chandler again leave Dallas after only one season. Whether or not this is a successful (or wise) offseason plan for the Mavs, it was a pretty awkward moment with Tyson standing about 30 yards away from Dez when he said this.

But still: this backflip, yo.