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If you think you know where DeAndre Jordan is signing, you're probably wrong

As free agency draws nearer, rumors surrounding DeAndre Jordan's decision are reaching a fever pitch.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks haven't hidden their interest in signing free agent center DeAndre Jordan this summer. Jordan's name surfaced as a target before the Mavs' short-lived playoff run came to an end.

Jordan is scheduled to meet with the Mavericks on Wednesday. It has been mentioned that Chandler Parsons has been making a steady pitch to Jordan throughout the summer. Mark Cuban has even camped himself in Los Angeles in preparation for their meeting. However, nothing can be officially decided until after free agency begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on July 1st.

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That fact won't deter people from rampant speculation about the fate of the two parties in the ever-increasing push to report the news first. Case in point:

Before today, I had never heard of this person. I do not know their credentials and I do not know their pedigree. If you want to believe this "breaking news" then that is your choice. This person has been right a couple of times in the past. I'll take it with a healthy dose of NaCl, though.

While we're discussing unconfirmed rumors, here's a juicy one:

Rumors are fun and all but here's the thing: players can talk to other players all they want. Parsons "recruiting" Jordan is totally fine per league rules. However, if a non player member of an organization, like Cuban, has any discussions with free agents or mentions efforts to sign certain players before free agency begins it is tampering. The NBA does not take kindly to tampering and is quick to levy sizable fines. Cuban has been hit with a tampering fine before. It's unlikely he's looking for another one.

Maybe DeAndre Jordan ends up joining the Mavericks this summer. That would be swell. Maybe he doesn't. That's fine too. I don't know what he will decide to do and neither does anyone else. So tap the breaks with the bravado of "breaking news" and club rumors. Jordan will eventually make up his mind and it doesn't matter who reports it first.