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Meet Dirk Nowoofski, the Great Dane with the best name ever

Spoiler alert -- he's also tall and handsome.

It's possible that the only thing the MMB staff likes to discuss as much as basketball is the adorable hijinks of staffers' dogs. So, we were MEGA PSYCHED when we stumbled across the Twitter feed of one Dirk Nowoofski, a Great Dane who lives in Illinois and has a talent for steals (like his namesake) and a strong Twitter game.

So you may be asking yourself, "In what other ways is Dirk Nowoofski similar to Dirk Nowitzki?" Well, I scrolled through Dirk the Dane's entire twitter feed in order to answer that question (#investigativejournalism), so let's take a look:

They both look amazing in blue

dirk blue

They both have signature moves...

I don't know precisely what a "Dirknado" is (I couldn't find photographic evidence) but it came up several times on @DirktheDane's twitter feed and seemed to strike fear into the hearts of humans, much like Human Dirk's fadeaway.

dirk shot

Please, post a picture or video of a #dirknado, we're begging you.

...but could maybe use a little work on defense

We all know Human Dirk's defense can be a little up-and-down, and Dirk Nowoofski has room to improve too.

Dude, you're bigger than he is! Just take it!

They're tall

Human Dirk is 7'0 tall. Dirk Nowoofski is ... human man height.

Looks like he's practicing Human Dirk's jumper to me!

So basically, they have a lot in common. I think that Dirk Nowoofski knows it, too.

He reps the Mavs (duh) but also shows love to other Dallas teams:

And he understands the pressures of being Dirk:

Follow @DirkTheDane on Twitter for more antics from your new favorite Great Dane.