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Danny Green agrees to deal with Spurs worth 4 years, $45 million

Green was a Mavericks free agency target this summer, but he's officially off the board.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs free agent Danny Green has agreed to re-sign in San Antoino for a deal worth four years, $45 million, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

Green, one of the Mavericks' targets on the wing this free agency, is now off the board, leaving Wesley Matthews as Dallas' primary target at that position. This move doesn't preclude the Spurs chasing Aldridge; now, they look to clear cap space and free up the necessary room to bring back the Portland star.

Dallas is prepared to move on to Matthews, already meeting him for dinner in Los Angeles last night. Right now, the two sides are at a $3 million impasse, with Matthews wanting $15 million and the Mavericks offering closer to $12 million. However, with Green off the table, this firmly increases the chances that the Mavericks will figure something out with Matthews.

I would have preferred Green, especially at that contract, but his quick re-signing meant he was likely locked in on re-upping in San Antonio. Still, if the Mavericks do end up spending $12 plus million a year on Matthews and his injury rehab goes poorly, that deal compared to Green's is going to look pretty terrible.

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