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Tyson Chandler agrees to deal with Suns, per report

Dallas will let Chandler walk for a second time.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Chandler will leave the Mavericks for a second time after agreeing to a deal worth $52 million over four years with the Phoenix Sunsaccording to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports and ESPN's Marc Stein.

We all knew Chandler would leave the Mavericks if they had the summer they planned to have, but that it happened on the first day of free agency is stunning. If DeAndre Jordan fell through, Chandler was the safety net. If Jordan decides to return to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Mavericks are truly screwed.

The Suns signed Chandler and plan to bring him to their meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge on Thursday as proof of a viable front court combination, per Wojnarowski. It's a daring move for Phoenix and a great place for the injury-prone Chandler to finish his playing days with the most well-known training staff in the NBA.

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Still, Tyson. It hurt bad after 2011 and it's a no better feeling right now. Chandler was the only guy who ever fit perfectly next to Dirk Nowitzki and he only has two years to show for it. While it makes sense on paper for the Mavericks to move away from him, it's a brutal one emotionally. He was the catalyst that brought Dallas their first NBA championship and he never got a real chance to bring them their second.

Every egg is now in the DeAndre Jordan basket. LaMarcus Aldridge will go to San Antonio or now perhaps Phoenix and if the Mavericks fail to attract Jordan, then they're falling back to the emergency plan of their emergency plans. While things could still work out swimmingly for Dallas, there's no doubt that the first 15 hours of free agency has hurt for anyone involved with the Mavericks.

Godspeed, Tyson. You were the center Dirk deserved for his entire career.