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DeAndre Jordan apologizes to Mark Cuban, Mavericks on Twitter


DeAndre Jordan broke his verbal commitment to the Dallas Mavericks in an emoji-filled Wednesday soap opera and re-signed with the Clippers. All the while, Mark Cuban attests that he never answered him, despite phone calls and texts.

On Friday, Jordan broke his silence and sent two tweets apologizing to Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. I have a hunch that 280 characters sent 48 hours after the fact won't be enough to satisfy most Mavericks fans.

Here's the two tweets.

Because of Jordan's reversal late Wednesday in the 11th hour before the NBA's free agency moratorium was lifted, the Mavericks lost their planned starting center and had very few manners of recourse. With Wes Matthews previously committed, they've all they could to net Deron Williams and Zaza Pachulia at point guard and center.

I'm curious to see whether Jordan actually reached out to Cuban in addition to these tweets, although I'm unsure it makes a difference. I'm sure it will come out soon.

UPDATE: There it is.