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Mavericks discussing deal with JaVale McGee, per report

Dallas may be considering the wildcard free agent center.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent center JaVale McGee and the Dallas Mavericks have "opened discussions" on a deal, according to Real GM's Shams Charania.

In theory, McGee would fill the Mavericks gaping hole at backup center with shot blocking and defense. In theory. In practicality, McGee has played 28 games in the last two seasons, is an on-court knucklehead and has had only one legitimate season of actually kind of possibly coming close to fulfilling his obvious potential.

McGee, a legit seven-footer with athleticism, has always been held back by poor basketball IQ and inconsistency. In 2012-13 with the Nuggets, McGee played 79 games with the Nuggets while averaging nine points and five rebounds in 18 minutes on 58 percent shooting. He has barely played since, even when going to the Philadelphia 76ers.

While the Mavericks have been successful with projects like Brandan Wright, it's a reach to say McGee is in a similar category. A huge one. Right now, it's only exploratory talks and not anything imminent, so maybe this doesn't happen. Then again, at this point, do you have any better ideas?