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5 things we learned from Justin Anderson's rejection of the Lakers

Victory is so sweet.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We should savor a silly Summer League victory. After three straight losses which trended towards butt kickings, Mavericks fans were treated to a heck of a basketball game. The summer Mavericks eventually won, which is secondary to the fact that fans learned some pretty fun things about possible members of their squad.

1.) Justin Anderson is strong and athletic.


Seriously, there aren't many plays like this, period. To see a shooting guard block a big man at the rim at the peak of his jump is awesome. Beyond this play, this was Anderson's best game. He shot the ball better from distance and had a poweful dunk on a backdoor cut. Dallas fans will be pleased when he's the 4th or 5th option in an offense. For the first time in a decade, the Mavericks front office finally got it right on a draft pick

2.) Jeremy Tyler wants me to eat crow.

Yesterday, I said that Tyler wasn't very good, regardless of his stat line. I stand by that. I mean, he nearly cost the Mavericks the game with one 2 possession stretch that saw him miss an easy block at the rim, shoot a 17 foot air ball, foul a driver, then turn the ball over. These things happened all in two trips up the floor.

But that series of idiocy aside, Tyler played with an energy that was lacking in games one and two of Summer League. Color me impressed with his post moves and rebounding energy. He's not a good defender, but there's a reason that particular skill fetches all of the money on the open market. His game winning invite may have earned him a camp invite.

3.) Jordan Crawford is not good and should not be allowed to play.

I mean.

He's pulled this sort of crap all week. He gets the occasional bucket, but makes more mistakes than good plays. Dallas should not play him the rest of Summer League.

4.) Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. has earned more minutes.

Finally, our mystery man earned some time on the floor and what do you know, he wasn't bad! His stat line is a little empty, but he was more sound on defense and did not muck up the offense. He's fairly decisive and has a pretty nice first step. More of Parks in the next game, please.

5.) Maalik Wayns is sound.

It's too bad that Dallas is full at the point guard position. Wayns has a craftiness about him and good court sense. He has played three sound but unspectacular games for the Mavericks and I assume he gets a camp invite to some NBA team. If not, he'll head to Europe.

The Mavericks are now in the "win or go home" portion of the tournament and will play again tomorrow.