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WNBA owner reportedly plans to move team to Dallas

Skylar Diggins and the Tulsa Shock could be heading to Big D.

Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The WNBA's Tulsa Shock may be on the move once again, this time to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Shock majority owner Bill Cameron said in a statement on Monday.

The Shock moved to Tulsa in 2010 after winning three championships in Detroit under head coach and former NBA All-Star, Bill Laimbeer. Tulsa has won only 40 games in five seasons, including a three-win season in 2011.

"I am proud of the team and the organization and know they will stay focused on making this a winning season," Cameron said. "I am thankful for the support we have received from the city of Tulsa, Mayors Taylor and Bartlett, local fans and sponsors over the past six years. I appreciate the Tulsa investors who stepped up at a critical time to help me bring the Shock to Tulsa from Detroit in 2010.

"This is a very difficult decision, and I know it is particularly difficult for the Tulsa investors. From a business perspective, it was necessary to evaluate options to place the team and the organization in the best position to achieve financial success. After a thorough review, I believe the Dallas-Fort Worth area holds the greatest potential to achieve our long-term business objectives."

The WNBA will have to submit an approval of relocation to the league's Board of Governors, which Cameron hopes is approved as soon as possible. If this happens, Dallas will be getting a WNBA franchise with plenty of upside and one of the league's best players, Shock guard Skylar Diggins. Although Diggins is out for the year with a torn right ACL, the Shock are 10-7 and are tied with the Phoenix Mercury for second in the Western Conference.

As a Dallas basketball blog, we're thrilled for this news. Basketball is basketball and having a local WNBA team to support during the long NBA offseason will be fantastic.