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DeAndre Jordan should just stop talking

DeAndre Jordan tries to explain himself through a tailored public relations effort

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, DeAndre Jordan released a short post and video on the Player's Tribune called "Getting it Right", which was supposed to explain, from his point of view, why DeAndre made the decision to spurn the Mavericks and return to the Clippers. In "Getting it Right", Jordan continues to get it wrong.

It's important to understand that the Player's Tribune is a fancy charade of a website that claims all posts are directly from athletes. Awful Announcing reported back in March that all written posts are actually distilled interviews, ghost written into something similar to what's said in the article. These "unfiltered" posts are anything but and are essentially coordinated public relations efforts.

Which is exactly what DeAndre's video and article are. It's public relations garbage and it comes across as just that. Don't believe me? Here's the whole thing, if you can stomach it.

I'm not even sure where to start with this flotsam. In a three minute video, there are at least 10 cuts. Repeated stopping and starting in the middle of sentences, graphics, and a host of other crap that make it clear this is something DeAndre is reading, not speaking. It's fakery, and embarrassingly bad fakery that appears to be produced by a dolt with a Mac.

"I woke up Monday morning feeling like there was something missing, like there was something that I didn't do," DeAndre says.

I can tell you what he didn't do. In the 72 hours after he began to second guess his decision to sign with Dallas, DeAndre never talked to his agent, never directly discussed his issues with the Mavericks, and actively lied to both Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons. In the 800-plus words (both text and audio) of his "explanation" of getting it right, DeAndre continues to act as if his decision-making process was on the up and up. Far too many fans and commenters in the sports world gave him a pass on his decision-making process because he's 26, and this was a massive decision. That's fine. They also happen to be wrong.

I'm not going to accept a bullshit public relations campaign message where a grown adult can't even admit that he handled himself the way middle school children do when they are figuring out social norms. I'm not going to gracefully deal with the cold hard fact that DeAndre crippled the decision-making of the Dallas front office, probably speeding up Dirk Nowitzki's eventual retirement. This was ruinous to the Mavericks we knew. That's not directly on DeAndre, since the Mavericks' front office shares in the blame, but he helped lead the charge by being dishonest with everyone in Dallas for nearly three days. This is just exhausting. It's like a bad break up that never seems to end.

Enough, DeAndre Jordan. Stop talking, please. There's no story to get in front of, no need for an in-depth explanation that comes across as disingenuous because it's up on a public relations website. Just move on with your life decision so us Mavs fans can deal with our bitter disappointment in peace.