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Watch all 36 of Justin Anderson's field goals at Summer League

Anderson had a breakout Las Vegas performance, especially in his final two games.

Justin Anderson's summer league performance quelled the ghosts of Maverick first rounders. The former Virginia Cavalier proved to be exactly who the Mavericks thought he was when they selected him with the 21st pick. Anderson shot 38.5 percent from three-point land on a healthy amount of attempts. Even more encouraging, Anderson shot a Nowitzkian percent from the free throw line (18-20). With his upper body strength, Anderson should be able to draw plenty of fouls on drives to the rim. Attacking the basket isn't Anderson's strength, but he flashed a smooth game in and around the paint. He's basically the opposite of every guard the Mavericks have drafted over the last year: he shoots the three well and has the strength to finish at the rim. We should generally proceed with caution when evaluating summer league performance, but Anderson didn't show any glimpses of being a bust, and for that, we should celebrate.