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Mark Cuban yells "GET OUT OF THE STREET" at Parsons on the radio

Cuban is celebrating his big free agency win HARD.

A probably drunk, definitely high-on-life Mark Cuban hopped on 1310 The Ticket for an interview Friday evening, hours after finalizing a deal to bring free agent center DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks on a four-year max contract.

About three minutes into the interview, which you can (and should!) listen to in full right here, Cuban yelled something at his star recruiter Chandler Parsons. Apparently, he was in the street? And then he told him to leave something open, either a door or a bar tab or something like that. Given the context, probably a bar tab.

Anyhow, this is absolutely great. Gotta love Mark. And again, definitely listen to the whole thing. It's worth your time and Cuban gave some very insightful answers about Dallas' free agency.