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J.J. Barea agrees to sign with Mavericks, per report

The beloved championship-winning point guard will be back in Dallas next year.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Barea has agreed to re-sign on a deal worth $5.6 million for two years, according to El Nuevo Dia, the highest circulating Puerto Rican newspaper.

Interest between the two parties has been rumored for some time as the Mavericks roster begins to take shape. Although the Heat were rumored to have interest in him early in free agency, Barea likely waited to see how the Mavericks' free agency played out and was interested in returning once the Mavericks landed Jordan.

The Mavericks are bringing Barea back with the room exception. Because of the manner of the exception, Barea will be one of the last players to officially sign when contracts can go through to the league office on July 9. However, it didn't stop the Mavericks from agreeing to the terms now. Here's details about the Mavericks cap space and more info on Barea's contract.

Bringing back Barea was a surprisingly important step in the Mavericks offseason. Matthews, when healthy, is perfect for Dallas as a two-guard, but he's not a driver or shot creator. Barea is a shooting guard trapped in a middle schooler's body, but he can beat anyone off the dribble and is a skilled creator when driving into the lane. Regardless of the other point guards on the roster, Dallas needs that from Barea in a backup role like he provided last season, especially with elite finisher DeAndre Jordan heralding from the center position.

And last, it's just good to have Barea returning. There's championship memories there and some much-needed continuity in the lineup. Welcome back, J.J.