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Wesley Matthews will still sign with the Mavericks Thursday, per report

Well, at least somebody still wants to sign with the Mavs.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan's sudden change of heart has thrown the Mavericks team building plans into complete chaos. Wesley Matthews, Chandler Parsons and DeAndre Jordan were set to be the Mavs' proverbial Big 3. Although the DeAndre dream is slowly evaporating, Matthews remains committed to signing his four-year deal with the Mavericks.

If Jordan does indeed re-sign with the Clippers, the Matthews signing could present itself more as a problem then a solution. Without Jordan, the Mavs will need to tank to keep the first round pick they sent to Boston in the Rajon Rondo deal. Parsons, Dirk, Matthews and Rick Carlisle might be good enough to keep the Mavericks from reaching rock bottom. Carlisle kept a Maverick team feature massive amounts of OJ Mayo and Chris Kaman in playoff contention for an entire season; he's a warlock.

Conversely, the Mavs could just keep Matthews out until after the All-Star break to rehab his achilles. There are no guarantees Matthews returns to form. The signing is a catch 22 for the Mavericks. Either Matthews returns to form and prevents the Mavericks from tanking, or he never quite returns to the same level and the Mavs are stuck with him at $14 million for four seasons.

Nonetheless, Matthews will be Maverick, presumably  for a long time to come. As for DeAndre Jordan, we'll have to wait and see.