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The complete gif history of the DeAndre Jordan saga

A GIF is worth 10,000 words.

I'm sure by now you've heard the news. DeAndre Jordan re-signed with the Clippers after he verbally committed to the Mavs. We've got a lot of feelings about it, and I think the best way to express the roller-coaster of emotion that has been the hallmark of the last week is to re-live the story in GIF form. So here we go:

Before free agency period even opened, there were a lot of rumors that DeAndre Jordan might leave the Clippers for the Mavs. We were all trying not to get our hopes up too much, but we still kind of did. 

The Mavericks' dinner meeting with DeAndre was even pushed up to June 30 from its original July 1 date. And it seemed to go well!

So, free agency period opened at midnight on July 1 which tends to make Mavs fans a little nervous in general.

But, we tried to keep it all on the inside.

Just a few minutes into the free agency period, Tyson Chandler announced that he was signing with the Suns. And we all panicked a little. (I panicked a lot.)

And we were still pretty on edge waiting to hear where DeAndre would was a rough 2 days.

But then, on July 3, DeAndre Jordan verbally committed to be a Maverick! We were saved!

Cut to yesterday, July 8. The free agency signing period would begin at midnight ET on July 9. So we were just chillin' until then. Smooth sailing, right?

BUT WAIT - rumors started popping up that the Clippers were lobbying hard to get DeAndre back.

And we were a little freaked out but hoped DeAndre would be like ...

... in response to the Clips.

But as the day wore on, it looked more and more like DeAndre would re-sign with the Clippers. Which was essentially unprecedented.

Things got weird on Twitter - Chandler Parsons and the Clippers got into it via emojis, and the Clippers reps basically wouldn't leave DeAndre's house until he signed at midnight. No one knew what to think.

Then, the unthinkable happened. He re-signed with the Clippers.

And now the Mavs are like

And that's basically where we are now.